Every taco cart needs a home

thecolorfulelsanchotacocartatpakit.pngAfter El Sancho finished his first tour the next step was putting together our new space!

Using mostly materials that we found at Pak-it or laying around our houses we started putting together the "taco shack". Pak-it is a great resource for a project like this. You need a light fixture? Oh, here's a sweet one! Should we have a heat source? Of course, there's a perfect wood stove we can use! The list goes on from art on the walls to the 12 foot chimney in our outside lounge area. It has been a fun and creative process and everyone involved has had a great time helping to make this shack come together.

We want to provide a unique and authentic experience and that translates to the food as well. The food is meant to be authentic, using high quality ingredients prepared well and served as simply and affordable possible. We try to provide options for all diets, and definitely expanding our options with daily specials. We are 100% gluten free!

2010 Best Cheap Eats
Bend Restaurant Blog


2011 Best Booth
Arizona Taco Festival


2013 Best Dish Winner
The Source Weekly